Kazaguruma Demo

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Kazaguruma-Demo to mark the 4th Anniversary of FUKUSHIMA

Sa. March 7th, 2015, from 13:00 Brandenburger Tor

Sayonara Nukes Berlin, Anti-Atom-Berlin and NaturFreunde will hold its third anti-nuclear public rally “Kazaguruma Demo” on March 7, 2015. Our motto will be: “Vergesst FUKUSHIMA nicht! (Remember FUKUSHIMA!)”.

We will march through the city center of Berlin holding Kazaguruma (pinwheel in Japanese) to remember the lesson learned through the Fukushima disaster and call for a nuclear-free future.

To show our respect to the culture that the people in the Fukushima region embrace, we will dance one of their traditional folk dances “Kansho-Odori”with remix music of a popular folk song from Fukushima called “Aizu-Bandaisan” in our parade.

Join us and dance with us!

* Kazaguruma (pinwheels) will be distributed during the opening of the demo on 07.03.

What does "Kansho-Odori" look like?

Check this out!
(Kansho-Odori Kazaguruma demo version)

Kansho-Odori Kazaguruma demo version(Youtube)


Kazaguruma demo route map

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Kazaguruma Demo 2015 (Youtube)

Kazaguruma Demo 2015 (Language: English, Deutsch. Subtitle: English, Deutsch, 日本語)

    7. März - Kazaguruma-Demo zum 4. Jahrestag von Fukushima(Youtube)


Kazaguruma Demo rocks!
DJ Mary Jane and DJ SiSeN will lead our march!

Updated: 2015-3-5(Thu)

We are looking forward to marching down the street with the music and no-nukes Kazaguruma! Thank you both, you make our Demo so gorgeous!


DJ MARY JANE has been active in the berlin club-scene since the end of 90's . Being one of the most charismatic figures of Berlin's nightlife, she plays in world-known clubs like Tresor/Globus (Berlin), Sisyphos (Berlin), Bar25 (Berlin), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Ritter Butzke, Fete de la musique since 1999, Rechenzentrum (Berlin), Harry Klein (München), U60311 (Frankfurt am Main), Hive Club, Schatzalp (Schweiz), Dr. Sax /Vanity (Turin), The Egg (London) , Svaj Club and Kruthuset (Stockholm), just to name a few. In the Japan- tours, she played in clubs like Sound Channel (Osaka), Module (Tokyo), Mago (Nagoya) and many more. She has been currently engaged in a project called CURATEURdelMUSIQUE.Berlin.

Thank you Mary Jane for your willingness to be part of Kazaguruma Demo!


DJ SiSeN is a well known DJ in the underground scene in Japan. He served as a resident DJ of Tokyo Decadence, Tokyo Dark Castle and Alamode Night and moved to Germany in 2011.

His music consists mainly of a mix between gothic industrial, RythemNoise, EBM, DarkWave, but not restricted to these rhythms, and also performs with other type of music on some occasions. While he performs as a resident DJ at SABBAT, SiSeN started an experimental club-project called Japaranoia with Berlin-based Japanese underground artists. He also uses other aliases according to the style of music that he plays. As DJ Violet Izumi he plays Japanese oldies(昭和歌謡) at LGBT drag events in Berlin such as "Anko-kai (Japanese LGBT circle)".

Shin Sugok will be with us in Berlin and make a speech at Kazaguruma Demo!

Updated: 2015-3-2(Mon)

Shin Sugo

Shin Sugok (신숙옥) was born in Tokyo in 1959 as a third generation of Zainich Korean. While she works as a consultant on the development of human resources, she is one of the key activists against racism in Japan. She has joined " Hate Speech to Racism o Norikoeru Kokusai Network" (International network to overcome hate speech and racism), called Norikoenet for short as a co-representatives. She is also the head of representative office in Tokyo for TRAI(Trans-pacific Research and Action Institute for the hisabetu-nikkei).

Seifuku Kojo Iinkai featuring Momonashi

Updated: 2015-3-1(Sun)

Seifukukoujyou iinkai + Momonashi

Japanese girl band, Seifuku Kojo Iinkai featuring Momonashi made a Remix of Aizu-Bandaisan just for Kazaguruma Demo! The team plans on visiting northeast Japan from March 7th to help the people affected by the earthquake. Seifuku Kojo Iinkai, you guys are great! thanks so much!

Zeronomikuma arrived in Berlin!

Updated: 2015-3-1(Sun)


Zeronomikuma arrived in Berlin! He flew all the way from Japan to join us in Kazaguruma Demo.

Despite his long flight and jet-lag, he joined our pinwheel-making&dance workshop last Saturday. We had fun making all the pinwhees which will be distributed at our Demo, we made over 600 pinwheels so far! We thank all of those who participated in the workshop. We are very much looking forward to meeting with you at Kazaguruma Demo on March 7th. Let us raise No Nukes pinwheels to the sky together!

Zeronomikuma is a popular Japanese mascot character who is promoting the phase-out of nuclear energy. He travels everywhere where anti-atom events take place to encourage people. His blog (only Japanese):

Puppe'n Mucke will open our Demo with Psychedelic-Aizu bandaisan!

Updated: 2015-2-28(Sat)

Puppe'n Mucke is a funky fancy puppet band based in Berlin.

The band consists of Raving Mad Carlos (Synth. & Vo.), SHOXXX (Melodica), Benten (Vo. & Perc.) and Imari (Perc. & OP1). Puppe'n Mucke performs in original puppet costumes which were designed and handmade by SHOXXX.

Benten will also be leading the chorus.


Making pinwheels & dance Workshop

Updated: 2015-2-15

Join us in our workshop to make Kazaguruma (pinwheels in Japanese as a symbol of a nuclear-free future)! Kazaguruma that you made will be distributed at our demo on 7th March!

A mobile café will be also there coming along with delicious pastries made by a Japanese Pâtissier.

When: 21.2.2015, 13:00-18:00
Where: Familienzentrum Mehringdamm (2.Etage Raum 402) Mehringdamm 114, 10965 Berlin

13:00 - 17:00 Making pinwheels
17:00 - 18:00 Dance workshop to learn the basic footwork of Kansho-Odori (a traditional folklore dance from Fukushima).

We will set up a play-area for kids as well.

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please drop us a line at info(at)sayonara-nukes-berlin.org

Super-cool remix of Aizu-Bandaisan by Maia Barouh!

Updated: 2015-2-9

A super cool remix of Aizu-Bandaisan by Maia Barouh, a Japanese/French musician will be played at Kazaguruma Demo! Her upbeat lively music makes you feel like dancing! Thank you Maia for your support! Check out
Maia's newly released album "KODAMA".

Aizu-Bandaisan by Maia Barouh(Youtube)

Check out "Aizu-Bandaisan" remix by Neo Ballad!

Updated: 2015-2-6

A Japanese band "Neo Ballad" generously allowed us to play their "not-yet-released special version" remix of Aizu-Bandaisan at Kazaguruma Demo! The vocalist, Sachi Wakasa was born and raised in Aizu. Join us and rock the street with their authentic & avant-garde music!

Aizu-Bandaisan" remix by Neo Ballad(Youtube)

No Nukes Hase

"No Nukes Rabbit" - the character mascot for Sayonara Nukes Berlin designed by Chuu, a Japanese artist in Berlin. http://chuuu.xxxxxxxx.jp/

2014 demo

Added: 2016-2-6

Germans remember Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster

Germans remember Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster (Youtube)